Leading article: Dinner party from hell

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Those for whom Abigail's Party was insufficiently excruciating might like to try a Miliparty.

The Labour leadership candidate David Miliband has issued his supporters with a detailed advice sheet on how to hold a recruitment "house meeting".

The evening will begin with the registration of guests. There will follow 20 minutes of introductions and political chat. Then the exciting main event: a telephone call from David (or, failing that, a screening of a motivational video featuring the future great leader). Before they leave, all guests will be asked to make pledges of how many other Milisupporters (D) they will, in turn, recruit. And all these enjoyable proceedings will be lubricated by alcohol, music and nibbles (no banana fritters please).

Who knows whether Mr Miliband is going to be successful in his attempt to win the Labour leadership, but if not, a glorious career as a professional TV dinner party organiser clearly awaits. The Labour Party's loss will be light entertainment's gain.