Leading article: Flat earthers

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We might be looking at things differently in the years to come; at least when sitting on the couch. Yesterday Sky unveiled its new 3D television technology. And impressive it sounds too. The special glasses that viewers need to wear might not exactly be the height of fashion, but, by all accounts, the visual effect is quite stimulating.

Yet there is something that troubles about the project. 3D is all very well for sport. Who would not want to admire their favourite athletes from as many angles as possible? But do we really want everything broadcast to be looming out towards us?

Consider last night's television: ITV1, 9pm, Fat Teens in Love; BBC2, 11.20pm Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America. And that is before we even consider the lugubrious news bulletins.

Call us Luddites, but there are surely some things that are better left safely confined behind the flat screen.