Leading article: Let it all out

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All is quiet across the fertile office plains. Workers sup at the water cooler. Others graze at their keyboards. Then suddenly a piercing shriek breaks the tranquility, causing the wildlife to raise their heads in surprise. What's going on? Someone's shouting at the boss. Don't they know that this is no time to get on the wrong side of management? Do they have a death wish? Well it seems the shouters are the sensible ones. Swedish researchers have discovered that getting angry with your boss can be good for your heart.

Those who suffer in silence at the hands of unreasonable or vindictive management are at higher risk of dying of a heart attack than those who, from time to time, blow their top with their superiors. It stands to reason, of course. Internalising all that frustration cannot be healthy.

But now shouting at work has a scientific justification, aren't things in danger of getting a bit noisy in the office? We say: invest in some ear muffs. After all, safety must come first.