Leading article: Pram wars

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It had to happen. After 4x4s and lightweight bikes, pushchairs – or rather buggies as we call them now – have entered the street thief's list of desirables.

If you've ever found any similarity between those giant three-wheel versions and a wheelbarrow, or dared to object at being shoved off the pavement by a proudly pushy mum or dad, now is the time to permit yourself a smug little smile. As bigger, better buggies have become the parental status symbols of choice, so soaring prices have produced a thriving black market in top prams; parking has become a risk.

We offer three remedies. Never leave the buggy without the baby in it; a secured tenancy may have the same effect as it has on houses and flats, reducing the resale price to zero. Fit the buggy with the same elaborate alarm as you have on your house or car. Or, third, pick the simplest and shabbiest conveyance you can find at your local charity shop, something no one will even think about stealing. Not good enough for baby? Come on, little Olivia or Jack will soon be old enough to walk.