Leading article: Roll on....

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What can the Super Bowl organisers be thinking of? Some 2,000 people will be "invited" on to the pitch to watch the Rolling Stones perform at half-time, but only 18-45s will be eligible. With even the youngest Stone pushing 60, we wonder how much demand there will be.

The official reason for this ageism is stamina. Participants must attend five rehearsals, stand for long periods and "be able to" dance, sing, cheer, and run on to the field. Well, we have news for the Super Bowl. If the Stones can meet the demands of this gig, so can their fans.

It is the under-45s who sit all day at their computers, an iPod against one ear, a phone against the other, and junk food their staple diet. The over-45s are in the gym, travelling the world and steaming organic vegetables for dinner.

The whole point about rolling stones is that they gather no moss. And nor, we assure the guardians of the Super Bowl, do their fans.