Leading article: The Dome's decade

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More than a quarter of a million people will this week watch eight top tennis players at the ATP World Tour Finals at the 02 Arena in London. Few of them are likely to pay much attention to the fact they are sitting in what once was known as the Millennium Dome.

Possibly the most derided of all New Labour projects, the Dome was widely dismissed as a flop. Yet this symbol of Tony Blair's attempt to embrace the spirit of "Cool Britannia" has enjoyed a curiously successful afterlife since the millennium exhibition closed in 2001.

Far from sinking into the mud or becoming overgrown by weeds, the old Dome is thriving. Figures just out show that it is now the world's most popular music venue. It is also host to major cultural events like the Tutankhamun exhibition.

In a few weeks' time this extraordinary structure, and improbable survivor, will have passed its first decade. In advance, we wish it many happy returns.