Leading article: Trust to nature

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Warm for the time of year, isn't it? The traditional cheery question now triggers a chill of apprehension. Global warming is happening, even if it may not be directly responsible for the wild daffodils in Cornwall. Yes, we know the Prime Minister should not have said, as he seemed to say last week, that "there's no point in me giving up the foreign holidays". And we know it is no use saying, "I like a Mediterranean climate", as that is not all that climate change will mean or where it will stop.

But there is a way of noticing the compensations while doing our best to avert disaster. Nature has a way of surprising us with small pleasures, even as she warns us. So turn to page 18 and enjoy the spring daffodils. Or go outside and breathe the mild January air. Then get back to worrying: how much is a tonne of CO 2 anyway?