11 pieces of advice for Freshers


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It's that time of year again when school-leavers set off to embark on three years of "study" at university.

If you are one of those lucky students, this is probably your first opportunity to live freely without rules and parents. This means that there's a good chance you'll take it too far and embarrass yourself during Freshers' Week.

Try to minimise this by sticking to the following rules:


Don’t pretend you’re actually an experienced whisky-expert/beer-chugger/eye-vodka/Absinthe drinker and get so drunk you can’t remember anything.


Don't sh** where you eat by sleeping with someone three doors down. You'll be living with these people for at least an entire year and it will be awkward.


It's your chance to re-create yourself - but don’t put on another accent to sound cool. It won't be cool when you slowly have to phase it out.


Don't stand out in seminars as the brown-noser - students won't like you.


Don't stand out in seminars as the class-clown - lecturers won't like you.


Take a day off every now and then.


Make an effort for fancy dress nights.


Be careful who your share ideas with.


Don't make a sex tape.


Don’t go on about your “gap yah”. Nobody cares.


Don't worry if you're not in with the cool crowd.