8 "heinous" food safety violations at the worst kebab shop in Britain


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Late-night fast food is rarely a healthy option, but an E. coli outbreak at the Adonis Kebab House in 2011 meant that doner fans in Cardiff were taking their lives in their hands.

The food safety violations were deemed so serious that owner Diar Wali Ali was this week given an eight month prison sentence for a total of 23 hygiene infractions. The "heinous" violations in his kebab shop of horrors included:

1. Nine customers are confirmed to have fallen ill with food poisoning after eating his food. A further nine are currently under investigation

2. One of the nine was a 12-year-old boy who suffered kidney failure and had to be hospitalized for two weeks

3. Another victim, Michelle Piper, was unwell for almost a month after E. Coli poisioning

4. Staff used a dirty towel to wipe off kebab skewers

5. Raw meat and ready-to-serve foods were stored side by side, causing cross-contamination

6. Staff washed their hands in the same sinks that food was washed in

7. A rusty dough mixer was used to defrost frozen meat

8. Owner Ali admitted to deep-frying his utensils instead of cleaning them with the proper anti-bacterial wash