A fashion for slobbishness?


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Have we - the clothes-wearers of Great Britain - let standards slide? In the early 20th century you couldn't possibly leave the house without a hat on. By 2013, it seems, you can wear whatever you feel like, wherever you go. (Like this). (Or this). Jezebel's Laura Beck, who found a Notre Dame class on America's own sartorial downfall, 'A Nation of Slobs', takes aim at lazy dressing in a post for the site today:

"I'm not sure which is better", she says "the booze and pearls of 1965, or the protein shakes and sports bras-as-tops of 2013.

"It's nice to not feel confined to such strict wardrobe guidelines, but it's also nice to not stand in line at Trader Joe's behind a man wearing Snoopy boxers and a t-shirt that says, 'Free breathalyzer exam, blow here' with an arrow pointing to his crotch."

Is the freedom to wear whatever you choose more valuable than standards of public decorum? Take our poll.