A glass of Chat-eau blanc? Wine for cats on sale in Japan


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Clearly more sophisticated than human beings, cats will at last be able to join their owners in sampling the taste of fine wine, after a Japanese company came up with a brew specially made for felines.

'Nyan Nyan Nouveau' is now on sale in Japan for 399 yen a bottle, or about £2.50.

The tipple will not leave your pet feeling like hell in the morning as alcohol has sensibly been left out. Mr Snookums might nevertheless feel a little light-headed as, in amongst the heady Cabernet grape juice, a measure or two of catnip adds a slight twist.

Only a thousand bottles of Nyan Nyan Nouveau are to be produced, and if you were tempted to put real wine in the water bowl, be warned: these pictures of hungover cats are not for the faint-hearted .