A marriage forged in the fiery recriminations of the Jeremy Kyle Show (and three other memorable proposals..)


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Between its endless paternity suits and constant, bitter inter-family recriminations, The Jeremy Kyle Show doesn’t seem to be a natural home for the sweet blossoming of romance.

And yet today, shortly after a hard-hitting discussion about the theft of a child’s iPad, one hopeful young man bent his knee and proposed to his girlfriend, live on national daytime television.

She accepted.

To celebrate the happy couple’s impending marriage, we’ve compiled three of the most memorable (for better or for worse!) proposals to be found on the web.

The man in this video clearly thought that a busy and crowded mall was the optimum location for him to pop the big question. An onlooker films on his phone as the proposer explains his love for how his girlfriend cuts her cupcakes, before a guitarist walks up and plays ‘Sweet Caroline’ to cheers from the assembled crowd. When he finally gets down on one knee, she responds, “oh my god” and walks away.

A man surprises his girlfriend on a basketball court at half time. You can’t hear what’s being said, but two world-weary commentators fill in the gaps. One says, “I’m just waiting once for the girl to say no.” When it becomes apparent that she does, and the camera follows her long, solitary walk off the court, he feels obliged to add that he was, in fact, joking. The mascot walks the boyfriend away, while the commentator says, reassuringly, “He’ll get over that in maybe, ten or twelve years.”

One of the most elaborate proposals on the internet, Isaac’s LipDub proposal involved choreographing his fiancés friends and family in an elaborate 4 minute sequence singing along to Marry You by Bruno Mars. It culminated in a sincere spoken proposal from the man himself. Although the sea of jazz hands behind him was probably off-putting, she accepted him, and the video went on to rack up 24m views