After ‘milking’ and ‘porting’, now St Andrews students are ‘champagning’


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First Newcastle University students invented "milking" (1. open milk carton, 2. empty on head). Next came the more upmarket "porting" at Durham - and now there's decadent news from St Andrews, where undergraduates (in red trousers, natch), have filmed themselves "champagning".

In what may or may not qualify as "banter", and surely won't do St. Andrews sloaney reputation any favours, the video shows a number of students pouring Moet (and Cava) over their heads around the St. Andrew's campus.

The Youtube reaction is sceptical at best, with the top comment coming from uberjoely: "It's awful that the top 1% of the world's population control 99% of the world's red trousers." Has the 'drink on head' trend reached its nadir?

UPDATE: The video's now been taken down