America legalises wolf-hunting


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In a 2012 film, The Grey, Liam Neeson survives a plane crash only to find himself adrift in a snowy wasteland, by unfortunate chance also home to a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, which he proceeds to fight with his bare fists. The film might now be considered mildly prophetic as The Washington Post reports that hunting wolves is to be legalised once more in America.

"The wolves are back, with roughly 6,000 in the contiguous United States and 7,700 to 11,200 in Alaska. The Obama administration has declared all but two small populations — Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico and Arizona, and red wolves in North Carolina — fully recovered. On Oct. 1, Wyoming will become the fifth state with a significant wolf population to legalize hunting."

Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe argues that the Endangered Species Act, which used to cover wolves, "is not an animal protection act. It's an act to prevent the extinction of species".

A chief of wildlife in Montana  chimed in to support the reforms. "Despite the hype, we didn't go out and wipe [the wolves] out at the first opportunity", he said.