ASOS bans angora: the facts


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Warning: some readers may find this disturbing

An investigation into some farms in China has revealed the cruel methods used to make angora wool.

Retailers have seen the horrific video which shows rabbits being tortured - and are listening.

ASOS has joined other companies including H&M, Marks and Spencer and Next in banning clothing made with angora. 

So what exactly does happen in order to make the wool that’s known for being softer than cashmere?

Here are the facts:

  • Rabbits are stretched out on wooden boards
  • Their front and back legs are tied together
  • They are held by the neck while their fur is plucked by hand (the fur is more valuable plucked than shaved)
  • They scream until only red, raw skin remains
  • They lie motionless, in severe shock, in a tiny cage
  • Those who manage to survive are eventually killed by having their necks broken and throats slit
  • A pretty little angora scarf is made

Click here to watch the video and read Mimi Bekhechi on the torture endured by rabbits to make angora