Bowie releases first new single for 10 years, 'Where Are We Now?': The world reacts


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It's his first new material in a decade and its release today was timed to coincide with his 66th birthday, so it's appropriate that David Bowie's latest single would be titled "Where Are We Now?"

And where are we now? Well the general reaction to the song, which finds Bowie in a mournful reflective mood has been slightly deranged excitement. @simonpegg tweets "Holy shit, did someone say BOWIE!! The real goblin king has returned!" The Telegraph's @neil_mccormick calls it "the most surprising & welcome comeback in pop history."

Others however have shown concern at Bowie's knowledge of Berlin geography as displayed in references to Potzdamer Platz and Nuremberg Strasse. "Quickly someone get #Bowie a Berlin A-Z" tweets @jamesjamesbrown

Here are some other reactions from around the internet:

@boydhilton: "New Bowie single sounds amazing. Even if he has climbed aboard the dubstep bandwagon."

@garyjkemp: "The song is achingly brilliant. In tears. #bowie #WhereAreWeNow" "It's like he thinks he's too old to show his face! Certainly a different approach to The Rolling Stones as they've aged."

@caitlinmoran: "I'm so insanely excited. It's like hearing King Arthur's voice from the cave. The mythical one, not the peevish one from the BBC1 drama."

@ManMadeMoon (Bowie's son, director Duncan Jones): "Also, what better way to knock Taylor feckin Swift off the top of the charts! ;)"