Burger-gate: 6 things it would have been weirder for George Osborne to eat than a Byron burger


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Osborne's choice of a £10 takeaway Byron burger has caused a stir, with the Chancellor being quizzed on Radio 4 this morning over his "posh" tastes.

Osborne, who delivered his spending review yesterday, said it was "perfectly reasonable to have a burger while working on a speech".

He's got a point. Here are 6 unreasonable things he could have eaten instead:


1. 'I call this crab and caviar tower my personal welfare burger'



2. 'Nothing better than some PROFITteroles when fixing the economy. Natch'



3. 'Pasties. I eat them all the time. Every day.'



4. 'Your money is everything to me, including breakfast and a slap-up dinner.'



5. 'Being a normal man I often enjoy Wimbledon with chips'



6. 'If I was really such a fat cat would I eat this thin kitten?'