Cameron pays tribute to Thatcher, but a friend reveals her true feelings


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It's been reported that Thatcher was apparently so unimpressed by David Cameron, that she didn't want to die while he was Prime Minister.

According to The Sun, a friend revealed yesterday:

"It was almost what kept her going. Lady Thatcher was so angry she would even say she didn’t want to die while he was in Downing Street."

Apparently, she wasn't a fan of the Coalition, nor of the tough decisions she said Cameron avoided.

In a tribute to Thatcher, he said she was an "extraordinary leader, and an extraordinary woman," "serving this country for a longer continuous period than any other Prime Minister for more than 150 years". He paid respect to a "woman of great contrasts. She could be incredibly formidable in argument yet wonderfully kind in private."

He added:

"She was always incredibly kind to me. And it was a huge honour to welcome her to Downing Street shortly after I became Prime Minister."