Chris Christie, not Marco Rubio, is the Republican's best bet for 2016


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Just over a week ago, Dominic Lawson wrote a marvellous column for us exploring the question of whether Chris Christie should be disqualified from being President on the grounds that he's fat. His answer was as emphatic and elegant as ever: he shouldn't.

After Rubio's less than impressive response to the State of the Union, a number of pundits are talking up Christie's prospects for 2016 again. The centrepiece of that argument appears to be that Republicans need to prove they can work across the aisle, and make bipartisan agreements work. Christie, who was lambasted by some Republicans over his work with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy, can certainly do that.

A good statement of current feeling on this subject comes from DeWayne Wickham at USA Today. It's well worth reading for a summary of current feeling on the Republicans' chances in 2016.