Did "flag head lady" ruin Obama's victory speech?


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...or catapult it into the ranks of all-time greatest presidential speeches? The internet is divided.

While paying cursory homage to the actual content of Obama's victory speech (thank you Biden, blah blah, thank you Michelle, blah blah, fight for the poor, blah, greatest nation in the world etc.) the internet's sharpest commentators have been much more interested in the woman in the background, to the right of Obama, who seemed to be wearing a stars and stripes flag on her head.

"FLAG HEAD LADY I LOVE YOU", said Laura Beck of Jezebel. Business Insider was less complimentary: "She was distracting". @MsAmberPRiley helpfully provided a running commentary on Twitter "...and she is now waving her head to wave the flag. I can't LOL. Goodnight!"