Facebook: one billion users, one floating chair


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In tech circles, nothing says you've arrived like a borderline incomprehensible commercial.

Perhaps inspired by Microsoft’s loopy Seinfeld-Gates spots from 2008, Facebook has today marked the milestone of one billion active users by releasing its own indulgently surrealist masterpiece, centring on the conceptual similarity between the social network and a chair. It’ll send a shiver down your spine, and then make you hate yourself for being taken in by something so shallow. Take your seat and watch above...

Some Facebook facts:

- Those billion users are to date responsible for 1.13 trillion "likes", 219 billion photos and 17 billion location check-ins.

- In 2006, the median user age was 19, it's now 22

- Users who joined the site in 2006 now have an average of 598 friends

- Users who joined the site in 2010 now have an average of 305 friends

So popularity is just a matter of staying power...