‘Food in teeth’ tops most embarrassing moments on first date


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New research from an online dating website has revealed Britons' most common embarrassing moments whilst on a first date.‘Getting food stuck in teeth' topped the charts, with being stood up and falling asleep on the date also featuring.

The study, conducted by www.DateWithaMate.com, surveyed a total of 1,235 people aged 18-40 from across the UK.

Those polled were initially asked if they had ever suffered an embarrassing experience whilst on a first date, to which over half, 51%, said that they had. They were then asked to state what exactly had happened - the most common answers were as follows:

1. Got food stuck in teeth - 17%

2. Bumped into an ex -15%

3. Spilled a drink on date - 14%

4. Said something inappropriate/ offensive - 12%

5. Was stood up - 9%

6. Called date by the wrong name - 8%

7. Walked out of the toilet with flies down/dress tucked into underwear- 7%

8. Wardrobe malfunction - 4%

9. Saw parents whilst on the date- 3%

10. Fell asleep whilst on the date - 2%