Four everyday activities you didn't know were bad for you


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You're eating your 5 a day, you've long since given up the fags and you even manage to get out for a bit of exercise every once in while. Congratulations. These might seem like achievements, but give the myriad other ways you're unwittingly damaging your health, really, why bother?

1. Drinking bottled water

You thought staying hydrated was the responsible thing to do? Ha! Repeatedly pursing your lips around a water bottle to drink from it, will give you deep wrinkles, says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mitchell Chasin

2. Reading this on a computer

It's got "toxic dust" which will give you "neurological disorders", according to an article in Wired magazine.

3. A nice sit down

Just sitting down for more than 3 hours a day can take two years off your life, according to researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in the United States. And if you're sitting at a wooden table, it's even worse; the formaldehyde used in pressed wood causes cancer.

4. Wearing sun screen

Yes, it's important to stay protected in the sun, but did you know that many brands of sun tan lotion contain potentially damaging chemicals? Example nasties include retinol (cancer) and Oxybenzone (hormone disrupter).