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IV Drip

Gary Barlow apologises to Tulisa for ‘fag ash breath’ comment


TV talent show The X Factor is as publicised for its judge-wars as it is for the contestants, but Gary Barlow took things a step too far this weekend when he commented on Tulisa's bad breath.

Asking Barlow about his contestant Christopher Maloney's performance, Tulisa said:

"How many of these eighties classics are you going to let him destroy?"

Barlow responded:

"I don't know what offends me more, those comments or that fag ash breath".

The shocked singer paused to let Barlow finish, before accusing him of boozing:

"Just a note for Gary: lay off the red wine, coz' I can really smell that as well."

The N Dubz star was apparently left fuming, but after a profuse apology from Barlow, made light of the situation the next day when she proudly displayed a nicotine patch on her arm. 

Now, now judges, simmer down - it's supposed to be about the talent.