Google glass video shows tech specs in action


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You've probably heard that Google are soon to release their own glasses. These specs aren't for that ancient business of correcting vision, though; they wrap a wearable computer around users' heads, offering the chance to text, phone and film on the go. This morning, to a rapturous response, the first video with detail of how they work has been released. Take a look and let us know if you're sold...

The prime difference between your specs (snore) and this futuristic fashion-wear is the 'heads-up' display, where information and applications appear; the display demonstrates remarkable versatility in the video, with users shown chatting to friends, searching Google for appropriate Thai phrases and tracking their way through New York traffic.

Release date and starting price haven't been declared for the moment, though some claim we could see Google glasses debut at May 2013 developer event Google I/O, leading to shop-floor sales in 2014.