Google, Yahoo and Marissa Mayer


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There can't be much doubt that Marissa Mayer is impressing investors as CEO of Yahoo!, as this analysis from the clever people at Wired proves. Mayer is a hugely interesting woman, of course. There was a great hoo-ha when she was appointed CEO of Yahoo!, because her appointment was interpreted as a blow for equality.

Now her story is morphing into one that is more straightforwardly about business. Mayer used to work for Google. Now, having gone to a rival of the tech giant, she has her eye on a chunky portion of its traffic. As Wired report: "Yahoo is going to be aggressively improving its search results in an effort to improve performance against rivals like Google. That’s one of the things Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made clear in going over fourth-quarter earnings in a call with analysts Monday."