Harvard magazine mistakes racist garbage for satire


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Harvard's student magazine Harvard Voice is in trouble after after a nominally satirical piece winged straight into most readers' 'racist' file. Jezebel reports.

The article, '5 People You'll See at Pre-Interview Receptions', deals in some pretty noxious stereotypes.

Here's 'The Asian':

"You can always spot the Asian contingent at every pre-interview reception. They dress in the same way (satin blouse with high waisted pencil skirt for girls, suits with skinny ties for boys), talk in the same sort-of gushy, sort-of whiny manner, and have the same concentrations and sky-high GPAs. They're practically indistinguishable from one another, but it's okay. Soon, they will be looking at the same Excel spreadsheets and spend their lunch talking about their meaningful morning conversations with the helpdesk of Bloomberg. Uniqueness is overrated when you make six-figure salaries."

There's a lot of problems here, says Jezebel's Laura Beck, but first off "too many words". She does a quick edit:

"You can always spot the Asian contingent at every pre-interview reception because they are Asian and all Asian people look and act the same Ching Chang Chong Man Rice Paddy Hat."

"I can't decide whether this whole thing is more offensive because it's racist or because it's just not funny?", says Beck. "Maybe those two things just amplify each other — kinda like how sour cream and chives work in tandem to make a baked potato more delicious?"