Here's the most bonkers thing Fox has to say about Obama's victory


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There's an awful lot of sour grapes on Fox today. First Karl Rove berated his colleagues for calling Ohio for Obama too soon (they hadn't), then TV personality Bill O'Reilly blamed Romney's defeat on ethnic minorities expecting benefits from the government. Sourest of all though is this piece which, in a snotty final salvo, accuses the "mainstream" media of "almost certainly [making] the difference between victory and defeat" for Obama.

Here's three of Rich Noyes' five gripes:

1. The media over-egged Romney's gaffes

That whole 47% thing was "hyped like a sensational sex scandal", when, of course, it was just a Presidential candidate writing off half the electorate.

2. Pounding Romney with Partisan Fact-Checking

The "truth cops" mainly policed the GOP side of the street, says Noye. These cops might have been tipped off by Team Romney's announcement that their campaign wouldn't be "dictated by fact-checkers", leaving them to shake their candidate around like an "Etch-a-Sketch".

3. Those biased debate moderators

After liberals criticised Jim Lehrer, moderator of the first debate, the next two, Martha Raddatz and Candy Crowley, "repeatedly interrupted the Republican candidate and larded the discussion with a predominantly liberal agenda".

There's more here, but it ain't pretty.