He's back! Best of the Richard III Twitter gags


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After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that the skeleton discovered in a Leicester council car park is indeed that of the Plantagenet monarch King Richard III, who died in battle in 1485. Twitter wags were typically quick to respond - and here's a round-up of the best jokes being shared right now.

@charlieconnelly: "I love it when a Plantaganet comes together"

@sueperkins: "BREAKING NEWS: Chris Huhne's wife has agreed to pay Richard III's parking fines"

@msgibbster: "Richard III 'fit for work' - ATOS"

@caitlinmoran: "Has anyone checked Richard III's privilege yet?"

@popjustice: "Richard III linked to Harry Styles?...Richard III to rescue HMV?...Richard III to work on Britney album?...Richard III for 2013 X Factor judge?"

@sturdyalex: "Richard III remains found to contain 29% horse. mykingdomforahorse"

@HMRichardIII: "Burying people in multi-storey car parks. That's wrong on so many levels"

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