How dirty is J K Rowling's ‘The Casual Vacancy’?


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Even Snape would blush. Gawker's number-crunchers have expertly filleted the dirty bits from J K Rowling's new novel, and their conclusion is: "This is an Adult Novel".

"Note: These are all direct quotes from the novel, but, in order to prevent spoiling the plot, we've replaced all character names with new, randomly-chosen names to hide their identities."


Appears: 61 times

Sample: “'Bloody old slapper,' said Professor McGonagall, as Lavender walked away, and Seamus smelt the spirits on her breath.”



Appears: 13 times

Sample: “As Madame Pomfrey had feared, Hermione had paid Cho Chang with a bag of heroin.”



Appears: 13 times

Sample: “She had thought that she might not see Lord Voldemort any more, after their shag in the cemetery, because he had been almost silent afterwards and left her with barely a goodbye, but they had  since met up on the rec".