How has Apple changed after Steve Jobs?


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A year ago today Apple founder and svengali Steve Jobs died. CNN's Heather Kelly explores how the iconic brand has changed under his successor, Tim Cook.

For all Jobs' design brilliance, says Kelly, he "showed little interest in glad-handing with Apple partners or investors". By contrast, Cook goes jet-set to push Apple's agenda. He's stopped by in Washington's Capitol Hill - cold-shouldered by Jobs - to open lines of communication with politicians.

"Apple also has worked harder to woo Wall Street. There was a bus tour of investors that stopped at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, where they were treated to cookies and a presentation by Apple's chief financial officer."

Another sign of change was Cook's personal apology for the failure of Apple's iOS 6 Maps app. It adds to a picture of the new CEO as a humbler, quieter man than Jobs.

Two things have employees won-over: less shouting, and a paid week off this Thanksgiving.