Intern magazine: how to make your own publicity and land a job


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This week saw the launch of new magazine, Intern, funded by almost £5,000 of Kickstarter donations.

The aspiring magazine writer, graduate Alec Dudson, launched the mag after being inspired by his own “financially tough” unpaid internships and aims to showcase unpaid talent from across the creative industries. The new launch has also worked marvellously to raise its editor’s profile.

So which other wacky tactics have led to success?

In 2012 Adam Pacetti famously “spent his last £500 on this billboard” after applying for hundreds of jobs following graduating with a first in media studies. The plan worked! As job offers came flooding in he claimed he couldn’t answer all the calls.

In 2010 creative copywriter Alec Brownstein bought advertising space that showed up next to the names of the six top advertising executives. When they Googled their names his website came up at the top with the line “Googling yourself is alot of fun. Hiring me is fun too.” He now works for a variety of advertisers.

In 2009, David Howe, a history graduate, walked the streets of London with an old-fashioned sandwich board. It said that he would work for free for a month and then the employer could “hire or fire” him. He walked past banks and accountancy firms with the sign, and eventually earned an interview from a man who said “he showed initiative”.

The prize for “most creative” job hunting stunt goes to Cambridge graduates Ross Harper and Ed Moyse who, in 2011, sold advertising space on their own faces for an entire year. They made enough money to pay off their combined student debt of £50,000.