Is Donald Trump going to leak Obama divorce papers?


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Rampaging wig-head Donald Trump, not put off by the failure of his birther conspiracy, has been claiming this week he has another bombshell to drop on President Obama's campaign for re-election. It's "bordering on gigantic", says Trump. But what could it be this time?

Radar Online is reporting that Obama might have sold a little cocaine in college. But it seems that Trump may be onto something weightier, and found some long lost divorce papers drawn up by Michelle Obama.

Gawker's Myles Tanzer says: "For a birther that's like not getting the shiny red bike you wanted for Christmas, but getting some cool video game anyway — it's not perfect, but it'll do."

A near divorce was rumoured back in May around the release of Edward Klein's Obama-bashing book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.

If divorce papers are what Trump has up his sleeve, it "might be a good thing for Obama", says Tanzer. "It'll force the campaign to put Michelle out on the stump more often in these last two weeks and we all know her popularity numbers are way higher than her husband's".