JK Rowling wouldn't be your friend


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Gawker's New York headquarters better be protected by shield charm - today the US gossip website leads with a story griping that the New Yorker's profile of JK Rowling "will not make you want to hang out" with the Harry Potter author.

Caity Weaver writes: "Over the course of some 9,000 words, the profile manages to make J. K. Rowling seem, not mean, exactly, but not warm either. Like a woman who accidentally wrote one of the best-selling books in history a long time ago and wishes you would stop bringing it up every time you have a couple drinks."

Quoting from the profile, Weaver's problems include "She don't neva tweet", "She's one of those people whom you describe as 'friendly' apparently only because she is not un-friendly" and "She's like that new kid who brags about how 'hard' people were in her 'old 'hood,' and then you find out she just lived in a different middle-class suburb 20 minutes away".