Jose Mourinho: ‘I hate my social life’


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Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has admitted that specialness comes at a price. Three European league-titles and two Champions League victories have had a "devastating impact on his personal life", reports CNN.

"I hate my social life," Mourinho told the news outlet. "I hate not to be a normal father who goes with his son to the son's football match and being there with the other 20 fathers there watching the game."

Mourinho's braggadacio has not always gone done well at the Bernabeu - but the coach insists he's a different person off the pitch, and out of the press-room, and pretty much anywhere there isn't a football around.

"In press conferences, there is still a match to play. Before the match, press conference is pre-match and after the match, press conference is post-match, but it's a match."

There is an end in sight, however. Mourinho believes he will retire at 70 or 75, so "I will still have a few years to be a normal person".