Justin Lee Collins in court for abusive behaviour


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Former Channel 4 The Friday Night Project presenter Justin Lee Collins has appeared in court, accused of abusing ex-girlfriend Anna Larke.

The performer allegedly assaulted and harassed his girlfriend during their nine-month relationship last year, said prosecutor Peter Shaw, at St Albans Crown Court.

It's reported that he:

- made Anna Larke throw away her DVD collection 'on the basis she found some of the male actors attractive

- made Anna Larke close her email, Facebook and Twitter accounts

- kept a notebook to list every sexual experience with every one of Ms Larke’s previous lovers or partners.

Ms Larke also said Collins had threatened to 'put her in hospital unless she shut up' and smacked her on the vagina with an open hand after once becoming jealous of a previous lover.

Ms Larke had recorded her then-boyfriend saying abusive language to her, which was played in court.