Liam Gallagher's affair rumours: would you expect a say in who your partner hires?


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He's not the first celebrity to face allegations of having it off with an assistant, and it's unlikely he'll be the last.

Liam Gallagher's management have reportedly sacked his personal assistant for becoming 'too close' to the star, after seemingly flirty pictures of the two lounging by a pool in Ibiza were released.

Nicole Appleton's mother also said that Liam has not spoken to his wife since breaking the news that he was the man at the centre of the lovechild claims with a journalist.

We've seen it before, when Rebecca Loos sold her story, saying that while employed as his personal assistant, she allegedly had an affair with David Beckham.

Then the following year, when Jude Law admitted to having an affair with his nanny while engaged to Sienna Miller.

So would you expect to meet your spouse's potential employees before they were hired?