Michael Douglas: Head researcher?


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Michael Douglas shared suspicions about the root of his oral cancer this week, suggesting it was "cunnilingus" that lead to his contracting the disease - and that more of the same that could cure it. Does the 68-year-old actor have a point?

At NBC News Brian Alexander suggests there could be something to the claim:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the STD Douglas contracted, can cause cancer. "Between 1988 and 2004, head, neck and throat cancers that tested positive for HPV rose an astounding 225 per cent. Because of a reluctance to discuss oral sex, these facts are often overlooked, which is why many might be surprised by Douglas’s frank talk."

Vince Mancini  over on Filmdrunk also backs up Douglas, to an extent: "long story short, cunnilingus can cause throat cancer. But sadly, more cunnilingus is not the cure (though it probably still feels pretty good).

"You know who I bet would be willing to do some more research on this matter? You guessed it, Michael Douglas."