Murderous pens found on North Korean assassin


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Q might have fashioned 007 tools like these, but in the hands of real-life North Korean assassins they look a whole lot less retro-cute. Three weapons - all indistinguishable from everyday objects - have been seen by CNN after a bust in South Korea stopped a killer on his way to a job. They include a Parker pen with a poison-tipped spike, another pen that can fire poisoned darts, and a flashlight capable of discharging three bullets.

Weapons experts said all three could kill.

Authorities stopped the would-be assassin, named only as Ahn,  as he was on his way to meet an anti-Pyongyang activist in Seoul, ostensibly to talk about funding his work against the North Korean regime.

The activist, Park Sang-Hak, is top of North Korea's hitlist - having angered Pyongyang by sending leaflets across the border via balloons.

Park was shocked when shown the lethal stash hidden on Ahn's person "I didn't believe they'd try and kill me on the crowded streets of Seoul", he told CNN.

He has said he will keep on protesting the regime despite the threat to his life.