Obama attack ad brutalises ‘47%’ Romney


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Camp Romney will squirm tonight. A brutal attack ad from the Obama campaign overlays Mitt's videotaped remarks about the freeloading 47 percent with pictures of veterans, workers, families with children and other so-called '47 percenters'.

According to Greg Sargent, the spot will air in seven key swing states. It comes "exactly at the moment when Romney is fighting perceptions that his policies are skewed in favor of the rich, and undecided voters are making their final choice about which candidate can truly be trusted to guard their interests."

"Romney is running his own ad in nine states attesting to his concern for poor and middle class Americans, a sign he knows how devastating this videotape may prove to his presidential hopes. Democrats are counterprogramming that damage control with Romney’s own words. They speak for themselves, and it looks like Dems will try to make sure as many people as possible hear them."