Only 30 mins cooking time, 15 min showers and no pork: landlord gives tenant ridiculous list of 31 rules


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A tweet has gone viral after a young actress tweeted a list of ridiculous demands her potential landlord expected tenants to abide by.

After he handed her the list of a massive 31 tight rules, she tweeted:

LAURA EVELYN ‏lauraevelyn1 Need a room to rent? I was given this upon a recent viewing. This is not a joke! #heseemedsonormal

The tweet has seen nearly 2,000 retweets as people are shocked at the rather strict living restrictions, including no pork or showers longer than fifteen minutes.

The rules included:

2) No Visitors can stay over (Unless discussed with me 2 weeks in advance and I will decide) if I catch anyone sneaking in deposit will be lost and you will need to vacate the premises immediately

7) Showers cannon last longer than 15mins in morning and evenings between 6am and 10am also between 7pm and 11pm

9) There is NO LIVING ROOM INCLUDED ONLY ROOM so if you sit in kitchen area which is MY PERSONAL LIVING SPACE you must eat then wash up and go back to room.

19) Don't leave dishes in th sink otherwise a charge of £15 will be added to rent

20) Noisy people and rude people will get 1 chance to calm down then if not deposit will be lost and you will need to vacate premises immediately

You can click on the image above for the full, extensive list.

Here are some of our own Indy Voices office rules:

  • No speaking loudly. Anyone found to be above recommended decibel level WILL BE ASKED TO STOP SPEAKING ALTOGETHER
  • Any milk theft will result in the POLICE BEING CALLED
  • NO over-breathing. Anyone exceeding the oxygen allowance will be forced to pay £15 charge deducted from salary
  • ONLY red M&Ms to be allowed
  • NO excessive use of the toilet. Any use of the toilet which exceeds the maximum odour level WILL be asked to vacate the premises - following two-hour cleaning by a cleaner, which you must pay for.

Ever had a landlord expect you to adhere to ridiculous rules? Leave your comments below.