Poll: As a great-grandmother becomes the oldest person in Britain to get a tattoo, what's the latest age you'd consider body art?


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A 92-year-old great-grandmother, whose husband died in 2010 after almost seven decades of marriage, has had her and her spouse's initials tattooed on to her arm inside a romantic heart design. With this commemorative inking - her third - Winifred Turner becomes the oldest woman in Britain to have used the services of a tattoo artist.

Other people who have plumped for body art later in life include actress Felicity Kendal, who had a turtle drawn onto her shoulder at the age of 66. Louise Mensch said at the time "tattoos are horrendous. Of course I support Kendal's right to rock, but why do it?"

Does Mensch have a point, or is there no age limit on a good time to get ink?