Poll: Does the fact that Boris Johnson has a love child change your opinion of the Mayor?


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The public has a right to know about Boris Johnson's past philandering, the Appeal Court ruled yesterday.

A plea to keep the identity of his love-child a secret was rejected.

The case was brought by the step-father of the child, partner of Helen Macintyre, with whom the married Mayor of London had a daughter in 2009.

In July, the High Court ruled that publication of details of the affair was legitimate, since Mr Johnson's "recklessness" in conducting extramarital relationships could call into question his fitness for public office.

Yesterday's decision reinforces this verdict and the decision not to award Miss Macintyre, 39, damages after The Daily Mail published pictures and details of the child.

Does the revelation that Mr Johnson has a love child affect the likelihood of your voting for him? Take our poll.