Poll: What have we learned from the Colin Murray, Jessica Ennis-Hill Twitter row?


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Did Colin Murray do 'an Inverdale' last night? Many people on Twitter seem to think so.

The offending comment took place while the BBC DJ was warming up the crowd gathered for the Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium. Murray said the ultimate athlete would have "the stamina of Mo, the speed of Bold, the leap of Rutherford and the bottom of Jess Ennis".

Twitter user Julie Haigh summed up the irritation to his remark, saying: "Boys get their skills mentioned, but @J_Ennis has her bum mentioned. In the 50s are we?"

In fairness, Murray later took to Twitter to put his remarks in context. "Hey guys," he tweeted, "I said she was the 'greatest all-round athlete in the world'."

So what's your take on this latest row? More evidence of sexism? Or something else altogether?