Poll: Where should Richard III be interred?


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When the skeleton of the crooked-backed Plantagenet king Richard III was found under a car park in Leicester, a petty civil war broke between four British cities, all staking their claim as the rightful burial ground for the dead monarch.

Front-runners Leicester and York have been squabbling for weeks, but recently Gloucester and Durham have made appeals for the fallen king’s remains.

Local politicians have lobbied the Justice minister Thomas McNally, who in turn has said it is up to the founders, the University of Leicester, to decide Richard’s final resting place.

The question is, where do YOU think he should end up?

Leicester: Surely the front runner? The midlands metropolis where he was discovered is also the closest to Bosworth Field where he perished at the hands of Henry Tudor in 1485.

York: 25,000 people have signed a petition to lay him to rest in Yorkshire, as he was the last Yorkist king and had strong associations with the county. A York MP has argued that his burial should not be a case of finders, keepers.

Gloucester:  A local councillor has waded in to the debate, calling for Richard’s remains to be buried in Gloucester’s cathedral, due to the fact the king was Duke of Gloucester and gave the city its charter in 1483.

Durham: Seen as rank outsiders, they have launched an appeal for the king’s remains, due to the fact that the king lived for many years at the castle.