Poll: Would stories of boorish Cambridge drinking societies put you or your children off applying?


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Early this morning student tabloid the Cambridge Tab leaked an edited selection of vulgar debriefs apparently written by the president of a university drinking society after nights out on the town.

The Tab kept the identity of the society and its members a secret but revealed details of hedonistic nights of bingeing and property destruction.

One evening saw a member of the society smash a glass in an Indian restaurant before being headlocked by a waiter and led off the premises.

Another involved hauling the sink and hand-dryer off a wall and unleashing a "2-inch-deep" pool of piss in the toilets.

"Fit" women are described as having their bras "forcefully removed", while another letter describes female students as having the "decency to be highly attractive".

This kind of laddish behaviour is rarely out of the press and always followed by a mixture of condemnation and excuse-making (typically weighted to the former).

But would the elitist and boorish image of these groups put you making an application to the University? Let us know in the poll below.