Poll: Would you use the new Bang With Friends Facebook app?


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Another year, another hook-up app. Bang With Friends launched last week and claims to anonymously hook-up friends who might not have plucked up the courage to ask for no-strings sex in person.

According to the app's Californian creators, who have kept their identities a secret, over 30,000 users have signed up already - mostly "20-somethings" - and more are joining at the rate of 5 per minute.

To join, users select the friends with whom they'd be "down to bang" then wait to see if those friends have selected them too. Only when a match is made are both parties alerted of the other's identity via email. At that point, we presume, the magic happens.

So will you be logging on and "awaiting bangs"? Or is this just too creepy? Take our poll.