Ready for a 12th Time Lord: Who has been your favourite Doctor Who so far?


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When rumours first circulated that Matt Smith might be leaving Doctor Who back in March, fans immediately started guessing who might take his place.

The BBC finally confirmed he was leaving in June - but remained tight-lipped on who would be the replacement.

Now, the time has come for fans to find out who will step into the Tardis.

The BBC will reveal their identity during a live BBC One show at 7pm tonight - or if you really can't wait, here's the trailer.

Zoe Ball will unveil the Doc in front of a live studio audience set against the backdrop of a swirling vortex and amongst Daleks.

So, after four years in one of the most coveted roles in British TV, who will follow Matt Smith as the 12th Doctor? And who has been your favourite Doctor so far?



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