RIP David Frost: Watch the best clips from his 50-year career


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Sir David Frost, the revered British broadcaster has died from a suspected heart attack while abroad the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship on Saturday night. He was 74. Here, we look back at a few of the many high-points from a long and distinguished career.

1. The interview with a disgraced president

It was the interview so good, they made a movie out of it. In 1977, two years after his resignation, Nixon returned to public life in a series of interviews with David Frost, produced by John Birt. They were later used as the subject of a play and film, Frost/Nixon by Peter Morgan, starring Michael Sheen as Frost and Frank Langella as Nixon. In this clip, Frost confronts Nixon with a question he finds difficult to answer...



2. What does it mean to be successful?

Were we ever so young? In this 1965 interview, Paul McCartney expresses a desire to retire and Frost asks him when he thinks he might achieve this. Nearly 50 years later, it seems McCartney has changed his mind. Last week he released a new single and issued details of a brand new album, both titled 'New'.




3. The Proto-Paxman

In an interview credited with paving the way for today's more confrontational style, Frost questions fraudster Emil Savundra with a little help from his studio audience. The programme ended with shouts of "Well done, Frostie!" from the audience.




4. The Entertainer

Frost's natural wit and easy charm also made him a success in light entertainment. He hosted the popular interiors panel show Through the Keyhole for 20 series from 1987 to 2008. Notably the show has recently been revived with Keith Lemon as host. The first episode aired this weekend, preceding Frost's death by only a few hours.




5. The Controversy

Frost's 1968 interview with Enoch Powell, the most controversial MP of the 20th century was so compelling, that TV execs made the on-air decision to extend it's running time by a further 20 minutes.





6. The Hollywood Charmer

Compare Frost's casual style here with the desperate sycophancy of most movie star interviews. The whole thing feels like a conversation between two old friends - and a particularly insightful one, at that.




7. The Consummate Professional

John Lennon in 1969 was no easy interview subject. Note how Frost retains the authority of a seasoned interviewer with none of the usual stuffiness.