Rolling Stone's ‘50 Funniest People Now’ vs ‘People's Sexiest’: Can you be funny and hot?


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Brief relief for those sick of endless magazine Hottest/ Sexiest / Most Beautiful lists: Rolling Stone has released its list of 'The Funniest People Now', which raises an interesting question: Is it humanly possible to be both extremely funny and extremely hot?

By scientifically* cross-referencing Rolling Stone's list with People Magazine's annual Sexiest Alive lists, we've come up with an answer to a conundrum that has puzzled for centuries. The answer...wait for no. Not generally, anyway.

Only one person on the Rolling Stone list (which includes comedians of both gender) has also made it onto the People magazine list and that's the 32-year-old stand up comedian, Kevin Hart. Eddie Murphy comparisons for the African-American comedian might seem a bit lazy, but that hasn't put off Rolling Stone. The magazine describes him as "tapping into the raw and autobiographical tradition of leather suit-era Eddie Murphy," and goes on to note "Unsurprisingly, he's huge with rappers."

Special mention should also go to Louis C.K. who tops the Rolling Stone Funniest list and made it to number 2 in Salon magazine's, admittedly idiosyncratic Sexiest Men of 2012 list. "C.K. doesn’t just laugh at the absurdity of life," writes Salon,"He looks straight at it with heart and grit and some of that anger thing we always find a little bit of a turn-on."

*Not that scientifically